A dynamic approach to drug discovery

Curve’s goal is to transform the discovery of new therapeutics through direct functional screening against targets in their native cellular environment. The company, a spin-out from the laboratory of Professor Ali Tavassoli, is built on over a decade of academic excellence at the University of Southampton.
The Tavassoli group has pioneered the use of diverse, genetically-encoded Microcycle libraries in cell-based functional screens and has succeeded in identifying inhibitors of multiple protein-protein interactions. Curve is optimising these technologies and deploying them to build a pipeline of first-in-class cancer therapeutics.
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In-cell functional screens: fast-track to better hits

Genetically-encoded Microcycle platform repeatedly delivers functional hits against targets, presented in their native intracellular conformation

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Path from hit to small-molecule lead

Structurally constrained Microcycle hits are intrinsically cell-penetrant and provide excellent templates for the design of small molecule leads

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Advancing an innovative cancer pipeline

Microcycles and their derivatives can address challenging disease-associated targets from which Curve is building a pipeline of first-in-class cancer therapeutics